New year, not so new me

Little by little, the clock slows downA familiar feeling begins to surroundAs darkness sets in, I begin to seeAll the thoughts I put away rushing towards me Little by little, I try to go to my safe spaceGreen, flowers, sky, happy thoughts I try to traceLegs shake, palms sweat and heart beats riseFuriously trying to […]


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A suitable boy

When I watched the suitable boy for the first time, I did not get why Lata chose Haresh instead of Kabir who she was clearly in love with. She wasn’t the kind of woman who would leave something just because her mother disagrees. She’s the kind who would fight for what she wants. Then why […]

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You say you love

You say you love, almost apathetic With a face almost apologetic Of the promises you are to make Of forever and all the shapes it may take. You say you love, but never with a smile With words so blunt, almost vile. As if guilty for the promises you wont keep putting a happy front, […]

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The left and The Right

There is always a difference in ideologies amongst the ruling and the opposition parties around the world. Given the change in the parties chosen, their ideologies and policies differ. In India, there are two main parties that come to power, The Congress and The BIP. Their ideas obviously differ. The Congress leans more towards the […]

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Tossing and turning on my bed, constantly fighting with my head Pushing my thoughts away as many memories in my head replay. Beating myself up for getting too close , too comfortable, a feeling of remorse . Shouldn’t have said the words that were said, over sharing is never an option, now filled with dread. […]

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An asset and a liability

“Son is a son till he takes him a wife.. a daughter is a daughter all of her life” said the supreme court judge for a property rights case. They read it out loud at the dinner table when my uncle jumps in and says “They’re talking about a property here, an asset, no one’s […]

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A fast paced world

Stop. . Breathe. . Slow down. . Look around.. Take in the air, observe the surroundings. . We live in a fast paced world. Everyday we have a new creation in technology, something new, something advanced, some faster. Why? Why do we need to do things faster in the first place? What is the harm […]

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Income inequality III

Recent developments in the economy has opened up the Indian market for more foreign investments to flow freely in the economy. Privatization of the state owned companies will increase their stock price therefore greatly benefiting the investors this will in turn cause the stock market to pick up and will enable the market pick up […]

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Privatisation in India, 2020

The announcement of Privatisation of 5 major PSUs coming at a time when the economy seems to be going through a period of recession raises many questions. Is it a transactional move in the face of a serious public sector cash crunch? How is it that the government kept us in the dark leading us […]

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A grey world

Grey in the sky clouding the blue Wind surrounding the trees as if to rescue, the fragile leaves from the madness of nature .. Drops from the sky seem to perfectly capture Stillness of the lives it falls upon Showing for a split second, the happiness far gone. Fog starts to cover the busy street […]

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